Our membership consists of large and small mitigation bankers, service providers, consultants, planners and engineers, eNGOs, and others within the ecological restoration community.  For more information about joining ERBA, take a look at the membership information contained on this page.

ERBA members by Congressional district

ERBA proudly represents businesses and organizations from across America. 

This map shows the full scope of where our members live and work in our nation’s communities.

- The best legal and lobbying representation at a national level in Washington DC.

- A seat at the table and voice in the room with policymakers and with key agencies involved in the rulemaking and implementation process.

- Direct support to membership on national regulatory issues.

- Daily news clipping service with news about the industry, related legislation, agency actions, and market updates.

- The latest policy insights and industry networking in Washington DC at our Annual Policy Conference.

- Networking opportunities throughout the year at our regional membership meetings around the country, which bring together regional regulators bankers, investors, customers and consultants.

- Monthly update calls with a report from association leadership and our lobbyists.

- Collaboration opportunities to work with other members from around the country to share experiences and receive peer-to-peer advice and counsel not otherwise available.

- Discounted registration for our Annual Policy Conference in Washington DC.

Membership Levels

Full Membership

Mitigation Bankers, corporations and larger NGOs enjoy the highest level of services and support at the Full Membership level.

Starting at $5,500 per year.

Affiliate Membership

Non-bankers and non-profit organizations will enjoy some of the same high-value benefits at the Affiliate Membership level.

$2,750 per year.

Associate Membership

Consultants, attorneys, engineers, contractors, surveyors and other businesses or individuals associated with the ecological restoration industry may join at an the Associate Membership level.

$1,100 per year.

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ERBA is a nonpartisan, 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization. Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor.