About Us

The Ecological Restoration Business Association (ERBA) is proud to continue bringing together leaders who are committed to restoring and conserving America's wetlands, streams, habitats and other resources - a concept that unites sound economic and environmental practices.

First established in 1998 as the National Mitigation Banking Association, the association promotes federal legislation and smart regulatory policies that encourage advance compensatory mitigation and private investment in ecological restoration as a means to offsetting adverse impacts to our nation's natural resources and coastal communities.  This commitment is fulfilled through a variety of policy research, congressional initiatives, and outreach sponsorship by ERBA and available exclusively to its members.

These are exciting, but rapidly-changing times in both the ecological restoration sector and in Washington DC.  ERBA remains vigilant and is hard at work on multiple policy fronts to bring meaningful value to our industry and industry partners.

We hope that you and your business will join our growing voice and become a part of the important advocacy work of ERBA.  Thank you all of our existing and long-standing members for your valued commitment to ERBA.